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WEEKLY WEATHER: Extreme heat warning issued as temperatures expected to reach mid-thirties

Very high UV index, real feel of 38 degrees expected for Tuesday, July 9
Environment Canada's seven-day forecast contains a heat warning, and anticipates daytime temperatures to reach mid-thirties for the first half of the week.

ATHABASCA — Summer weather is officially here in full force, and this week’s forecast contains daytime and overnight temperatures so high that Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for much of Alberta and parts of B.C. and Saskatchewan.

Monday’s weather is no exception to the hot temperatures expected throughout the week. Today will see a high of 31 degrees during the daytime, with a Humidex value of 33 degrees. Humidex represents how temperatures feel to the average person in high humidity.

Do not forget your sunscreen this week — heat protection will be a must for anyone spending time outside, as UV index values reach seven, or high, today and climb to eight, or very high, for Tuesday.

The overnight low for Monday is expected to hover around 14 degrees, and Tuesday’s skies are forecast to be sunny, with local wildfire smoke rolling in during the afternoon. Tuesday’s temperatures will reach as hot as 33 degrees, with Humidex values reaching 38°C.

Tuesday’s night time temperature is predicted to sink only to 18 degrees above, providing little respite from the daytime heat.

Wednesday is anticipated to be sunny with a high of 32 during the day, and could see precipitation throughout the night with a 30 per cent chance of showers and a low of 16°C.

Cooler temperatures could be in the books for Thursday, albeit only slightly — a high of 27 degrees is forecast for the day, with overnight temperatures dropping to as low as 15 above.

Friday is predicted to be similar to Thursday, with temperatures hovering around 27°C during the day and dropping to a low of 13 degrees while the sun is down.

The weekend will continue with lower temperatures than during the week; Saturday skies are expected to carry a mix of sun and cloud, with a weekly low of 26 degrees during daytime hours. Overnight lows will hover around 13°C.

Sunday is anticipated to be similar to Saturday, with temperatures reaching 27 during the day and a mix of sun and clouds.

Environment Canada’s heat warning covers most of Alberta and advises residents and visitors to be take extra precautions to protect themselves. Exposure to extremely hot temperatures can result in heat stroke or heat exhaustion; symptoms include high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness.

Infants, children, and seniors are more vulnerable to serious side effects from extreme heat, as are individials with pre-existing lung, heart, kidney, nervous system, diabetic or mental health conditions. Outdoor workers, the unhoused population, and socially-isolated people are also at increased risk.

Precautions Albertans can take in the heat include rescheduling outdoor activities for cooler morning or evening hours of the day, and taking frequent breaks from the heat and spending time in cool, indoor spaces.

Drink lots of water, or non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated, and make sure to not leave any children, pets, or individuals in a closed vehicle for any length of time.

Lexi Freehill,