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BREAKING: Air Quality Advisory issued for Barrhead, Westlock, Athabasca, Swan Hills areas

Smoke from wildfires could cause breathing problems July 6 and 7.

BREAKING - Environment Canada issued an air quality advisory July 6 for some areas northwest of Edmonton.

Wide-spread smoke is causing a haze in the air and reducing the air quality.

The smoke can cause respiratory problems for many people regardless of existing health conditions.

The fine particles in what poses the main health risk.

Some people are more affected by the smoke than others.

Seniors, pregnant women, infants and young children, should avoid breathing in the smoke particles.

People who work outside, people exercising outside or people with chronic illness can experience breathing difficulties during this time.

Environment Canada suggests to reduce your time outdoors and limit outdoor activities during advisories.

The forecast is for smoke through the evening of July 6 and during the day on July 7.

When indoors keep your windows and doors shut.

There is also a heat advisory so keeping cool is important in protecting yourself in the case of both advisories.

Consider wearing a mask if you need to be outdoors, especially if you are susceptible to respiratory challenges.

Check on those people who might be more challenged with breathing problems and let them know about the dangers with the heat and smoke.

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