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Been there, done that

After 18 years of covering the news in the Westlock area, it's time to call it quits
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When I look back at the old archives of the Westlock News, I’m always amazed at all the things I’ve done over the years that I have no memory of, and yet obviously I was there because I have the photos to prove it.

Oh sure, there are things that stick out in my memory. I wish I could say they were mostly good things, but the stuff that really stays with you is the darker moments — the car accidents, the fires, the floods and the school closures.

But more to the point, the thing that really jumps out at me is how much I’ve done. I've been to hundreds of school events, sports tournaments, business openings, car accidents, trials, and so on.

And brother, let me tell you — I am burned out. I do not have half the energy I possessed 18 years ago when I came to this town and there are lots of things I no longer have the patience to cover.

For that reason, dear reader, I announce that I am done covering news in the Westlock area, unless I happen to personally be involved in some breaking story. My aim is to move back to Saskatchewan, where most of my family has congregated.

I imagine this announcement will prompt some rejoicing in certain quarters. Covering the news comes with making enemies, and to be sure, I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years.

But I would like to think many people will speak well of me, or be able to say, “He always did good work.” Maybe not always, but more often than not, I tried to do my best.